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Talent Circle is committed to promoting an awareness of environmental and sustainability issues amongst its visitors serving the film industry.


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Talent Circle launched in May 2003 with the simple aim of trying to help people working in film achieve more. The site was designed to be fresh, innovative and offer a real alternative to the other commercial offerings.

Talent Circle is not about dictating to the film community about how things should be done. We listen and learn from members' feedback and innovate to provide the online tools and services that film talents need to get on with it. By empowering film talents, we want to build a strong and sustainable independent film industry.


We are the largest film community for a start. This may be down to good marketing. It could be because we provide a high quality service. But we think the real reason is because we always put the member first and will never exploit the service we offer for our personal or commercial gain. This makes Talent Circle unique. We don't rely on big names or pop stars to try to get people to like our service. We rely on our service to make people use it.

The UK's independent filmmakers' network

Talent Circle is aimed at anyone that works in front of OR behind the camera, stage, microphone or audience.
There is no other web site like Talent Circle that offers tips, guides, news, casting events, notices, resources and more, all free of charge.

What We Win

If we don't make money, why do we bother with all this? Simple, because we are just like the members, we have a passion for what we do (and hopefully a bit of talent too!)

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