Talent Circle is committed to promoting an awareness of environmental and sustainability issues amongst its members and businesses serving the film industry.

Our policy

In the day to day running of Talent Circle, we undertake initiatives such as recycling, energy efficiency and the purchase of environmentally friendly products. This is extended to events that we may organise.

Your policy

Anyone who has worked in a typical office or on a film set will know how wasteful unfriendly to the environment people can be, which is usually down to the busy nature and constraints relating to filmmaking rather than lack of care.

Tips specifically for people working in film and businesses serving the film industry

Film festivals and those calling for films by post may wish to follow Talent Circle's lead when requesting films by asking entrants to use simpler, recyclable packaging (cardboard) or consider adding the ability to accept films through a web site. You could prioritise processing of entries sent using recyclable material – and make entrants aware of the policy.
Here’s some text you could use: Please do not send your disc in hard CD or DVD cases. You may create a free case at www.papercdcase.com. Plastic padded bags cannot be recycled so please do not use these. Use strong/thick cardboard A5 envelopes rather than "jiffy bags" and minimise use of sticky tape.

go green

Practical ways to be green during pre-production and film production

Minimise use of paper: only printing call-sheets and other information for those really needing it. Provide it by e-mail as an alternative. Printing on both sides of paper
Turn off studio lighting and equipment when not in use for significant periods of time
Check whether the venue/studio or local area has facilities to recycle waste. Use http://www.wasteconnect.co.uk
Ensure catering keeps packaging to a minimum
Avoid use of plastic or polystyrene cups and try using reusable/washable plastic beaker-style cups, or paper cups if facilities exist to recycle them

Recycle Printer Cartridges

Every year over 2 million printer cartridges are buried in UK landfill sites. You can get your toner and inkjet cartridges collected and recycled - free of charge - by Action Aid. It's free, it's simple to do and it helps to reduce waste and reduce poverty. Recycling cartridges really is an easy way for you to raise funds for ActionAid, whether you are an individual, a multi-national company, or anything in-between.

A free national collection service
Free storage boxes to help you store your cartridges
Freepost envelopes for your small inkjet and bubble jet cartridges
An annual certificate showing how much money you have raised for ActionAid
12 years experience in toner cartridge collections
Waste management documentation