Gift Ideas for Your Artsy Friends

Sit down, put your feet up and get ready to be inspired.

Creative Gift Ideas for Artists

Irrespective of the age or skill level of the artist you want to surprise with a creative gift, here are some ideas that will help increase their love of their craft. You may soon be the recipient of a gift to display in your own home thanks to your support of their talent and passion. Each one of these items is very useful but if you're looking for more of a gift that will express your love then these romantic gift ideas are what you need. You just need to decide if you;re going to make a practical or a sweet present.

Here are some creative ideas to help you decide:

Fifty-three Pencil

If you know someone who draws on their iPad, help them take it to the next level with the Fifty-three Pencil. Use the Pencil with a compatible app like Paper or Adobe Illustrator Draw and you can take advantage of cool features (eraser, palm rejection) and the responsive smooth nib.

An Andy Warhol Idea Journal

More than one-hundred pages of Warhol illustrations and quotations, with lined and graph pages for your artist to add their own ideas.

3D Printing Pen

Allow them to take their artistic abilities into the next dimension with this 3D printing pen. They’ll be able to start drawing horizontally, and when they want to they can take things vertical and go where their inspiration takes them.

Bamboo Brushes

Bamboo brushes not only look good, but they feel good in the hand and will help painters and artists stay with their project longer. Artists can use these brushes for making fine lines as well as broader strokes.

Artist’s Colour Wheel

Every artist needs a colour wheel by their side, and some have additional information on how to mix colours, as well as which colours harmonize with each other.

Translucent Drawing Board

A translucent drawing board will help artists because all they need to do is put a light source under it and they’ll be able to trace anything that’s put on top for drawing, colouring, and sketching later

Beginner's Acrylic Paint Set

For the budding artist of any age who has expressed interest in getting into painting, you can help get them started with a beginner’s acrylic paint set. Gift a set that has everything they will need to get started, and that provides them with a variety of colours and brushes.


Water Colour iPhone Case

An iPhone case that is perfect for an artist comes with a set of watercolours on the back. It immediately identifies the phone user as an artist, has everything needed for impromptu sketching and is a great conversation starter.

Cube 3D Printer

Art meets technology with a 3D printer. Your artist will be able to add in their own designs and have a piece printed right in front of them in 3D. A great gift for an artist who likes to mix technology with the creative process.

Giant Artist Canvas

Sometimes a regular-sized canvas just is not enough. For the artist that has grand ideas, gift them a giant artist canvas, but first make sure they have space in their home to work on it. Prepare to be amazed at the work they will create, thanks to your amazing gift.